INFRA Outsourcing & Workplace is a monthly publication of Talen Editora [Publishing House], with national circulation.
Its editorial purpose is to promote business relations regarding Facility Management between buyers and suppliers of technology, products and services for construction, modernization, retrofit, and infrastructure and facilities management in building, industrial and corporate environments.

In the Property Management area, it aims at making transactions of commercial real estate market products and information – purchase and selling of buildings, hangars, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, grounds, among others.

The publication is sent to a qualified mailing list, composed of professionals directly involved in localization, comfort, welfare and safety in great achievements, such as corporate buildings and condominiums, shopping malls, hospitals, teaching and financial institutions, public buildings and industrial sites, besides big construction companies, pension fund managers, banks and security companies, presidents of foreign boards of trade, architecture offices, broker offices, entities and university professionals of the area.

INFRA Magazine is enrolled in the 1st Registry of Deeds and Documents of the State of São Paulo, under number 19.111, Book B, in the National Institute for Industrial Property, and registered at the ISSN under number 1982-6427.

Contact in Brazil – Phone +55 +11 5581.3044 – Talen Editora Ltda.