Talen Publisher & Events

Talen Publisher & Events is working on the segment of technical publications since 1999, year in which was casted the INFRA magazine to the market of Building Management, Assets and Corporative. At that time, it Twas weird to talk about a profession that wasn’t known by a lot of people: Asset Manager, Building Manager or Condominium Manager, Professional Syndic, Facility Manager, Property/Building Manager, even though that was the time in which these professionals started to the Brazilian real state scenario.
Still in a innovation attitude, Talen Publisher believes in the expansion of buildings and smart offices, architectural modernization and technologic of outdated buildings and in the search for capable professionals to manage big commercial buildings and corporative spaces, that come with the most complex administration system of structures and operational services.
Leaded by a skilled team on the segment of specific information, having as head the journalist Léa Lobo, Talen conquers, each year, the credibility of its readers – professionals responsible by the Management of Big Habilitated Spaces – with the best editorial content, quality and integrity in its publications, that translates to the supplier market the fidelity of its advertisers, that find in the Publisher the products the best financial feedback in its publicity investments.

INFRA Outsourcing & Workplace

INFRA brings in each edition the most complete information about the universe of Structure Administration, Services and Building Installation, Industrial and Corporative.
Its contents are about themes as reduction of costs allied with the best operational improvement of the site, being it a Commercial Condominium, Industrial, Hospital, Mall, Finances and Education Institution, Pension Scheme, etc., besides the publication of interviews and articles with professionals of Facilities Administration, of all country.
Building Technologies: The editorial content of INFRA Magazine presents a diversity of items that bring the welfare and comfort of the users of a building. After all, elements as illumination, air conditioning (HVCA), telecommunications, fires, building utilities, electronic security and surveillance, elevators, landscaping services, sustainability, cleaning and conservation are part of the responsibilities of who manage big cleared spaces. The objective is to guarantee the welfare and comfort of the commercial and cooperative building occupants, trough constant technologic innovation, that result in the ongoing recovery of business.

Good for users, good for owners and investors!
Excellent for our advertisers that, with it campaigns of advertisement in INFRA, keep a great contact straight with the Best buyers of the segment, trough a qualify and select mailing.

Run: 8.000 copies
Bimonthly, 6 editions PLUS the edition of the Special Guide of the Buyers of Infrastructure, Services and Installations – Yearbook INFRA.
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Events & Congress
INFRA Congresses and other events organized by the magazine are already known by the general public in this sector, who attend the events every year in a greater number. These events are conferences focused on the best practices in Facilities and Properties Management, as well as a “space” especially planned to increase networking and generate businesses.

It gathers the best experts of Brazil (facilities, properties/building managers, construction companies, developers, professional associations and providers of services of this sector), with the purpose of discussing important topics of the current context of great transformations in the Management of Properties, which impact the Management of Building and Corporate Facilities and the productive chain of the Brazilian real estate market. For more information, access the website of TEM Fairs and Congresses - www.eventosinfra.com.br